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This is the list of products I have released over the years. Some of these projects are already abandoned due to market changes. Some of these are still alive and kicking. All of these are Windows executables.

Chimera Virtual Desktop

This was my first product. It has been released in 2004. I just found the concept of virtual desktops very cool. Creating virtual screens was not possible at that time in Windows, you had to use 3rd party software to do it. It was great fun creating my own application for this job. I developed my own solution and hit the market. Collected feedback and improved the product continously. It was successful enough to give me confidence to keep going. It has been discontinued in a few years, no download or website remains.

AutoSplitter photo scanning software

This product has been released about 10 years ago in 2013. I've found a lot of old family photos and scanning / cropping them was such a pain. I've found nothing online, so I've made my own utility to help me scan stuff. Life gives you lemon, make lemonade. This lemonade is very tasty. Years have past and AutoSplitter has became some of the go-to applications for anyone intending to scan family photos at home with their flatbed scanner. Anyone googling for solutions regarding multiple photo scanning will see my webpage in the results, pretty much guaranteed. Many will try the software and many will also buy it.

Website: Photo scanning software - scan multiple photos


Just a quick spinoff of AutoSplitter, specialized for stamp scanning. My grandpa was a stamp collector, I inherited some of the items. I didn't intend to scan them, but I recognized a possible market demand. Some collectors enjoy this product, it makes stamp scanning so much easier. There isn't much to say about this. Stamps are really a different breed when it comes for image processing, AutoSplitter could not handle them properly. In a few days this spinoff has been created to help stamp scanning.

Website: Stamp scanning software


Yet another product I've made to solve my own problems. I use my PC to host films, series, but it's much better to watch them on a 58" TV instead of a 28" monitor, right? Of course. But Windows will put the PC to sleep in a few minutes if noone is pressing keys and the video playback is not local. Who wants to keep changing Windows sleep timers or pulling other tricks to block sleep constantly? Well, I don't. I've found a few products online that were supposed to solve this issue, but they were 1) not automated 2) not working properly 3) overengineered. I felt that this is the time to create something new. That's how and why this project has started. Manage Windows sleep better, see your PC usage statistics, find reasons of false wakeup events.

Website: Keep windows awake when you need it